Sunday, April 04, 2010

Christ the Lord is risen

...He is risen indeed! Praise God for His power and love which raised Jesus from the dead, defeating death and releasing us from our prison of sin. What a privilege to have the full revelation of this event as the gospels lay it out for us, in completion from beginning to end, removing all confusion and doubt. We serve a great God! Our Easter services concluded today with Nick preaching two very interesting messages (morning and afternoon) on what Jesus did on Saturday, and Baptism and Salvation. We spent the afternoon quietly at home together as a family, and after the afternoon service joined Simon and Deborah Bruce at their home for pizza and chips, along with Deb's parents, Alfie and Elsie Orr (Alfie is one of the past pastors of MRBC), and the Camerons. Daylight saving ended today, and while it was great to wake up to daylight, the other side of the day got very dark very suddenly. We are unaccustomed to a 7.30 pm night time! And it doesn't end there...the days will rapidly get shorter as winter approaches.

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