Saturday, April 10, 2010

First southern excursion

Did garage sale shopping for about an hour but apart from picking up a George Foreman lean mean grilling machine which Nick is thrilled about, they were pretty hopeless - some days are like that, but other times you can pick up really great (and usually for us, necessary) stuff. We had a cut off time though as we needed to drive through to Oamaru, an hour south, to collect a desk I bought off TradeMe. Once again we marveled at the beautiful surrounds and thank God for placing us right here. Treated the boys to Mcdonalds for lunch, then stopped in at the most amazing curio shop on the way home. I was kicking myself for not having taken the camera - it didn't occur to me that we would be going directly to Oamaru after the garage sales. The curio/gift shop and restaurant was absolutely laden with pretty, unusual, interesting, useful or bizarre homewares and gifts. The boys bought gloves. This delayed our journey a bit though and by the time we got home the Camerons were already in full swing with garden work and I noticed that some other fairies, who didn't want to own up to the deed, had already been busy during the morning in our absence with trimming of roses. Shirley and Miriam also came in the afternoon to add their expertise and hands to the garden party while Matt and Nick fixed the front step, adding an extra stair so we would have no more tripping incidents. Great job, guys!

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