Thursday, April 22, 2010

Which tells of sales, socks and the Leevers

I love sales, specials, give-aways and clearances...Briscoes, a large homeware department store, is having a huge ANZAC-special for four days (that's right fellow consumers - best you hurry on down) with up to 60% off selected goods. I bought winter-weight duvets for the boys at silly prices and other housey things. Added to that I had a $10 voucher for signing up on their website, making the specials even better. Then I went to the Powerstore to claim my Fisher & Paykel free socks, from a voucher I downloaded off a TradeMe link. Yes, I am a superconsumer!
Last night was Nick's and my first Marchwiel Reformed Baptist Church AGM. Although it was a long (very long) meeting, it was very enjoyable - unlike other church business meetings I have attended, we all sat in a circle at the back of the sanctuary as one family with a lot of chit-chat and laughter between the serious discussion. The chairman (ahem) was not very strict in calling rowdy attendees to order, which I guess contributed to the late ending. Still, a blessed affair.
The last three days have been largely spent at home, except for today's foray to the shops. I have cleaned, sorted and organized to my heart's content, and now simply have to wait for our 68 boxes of goods to arrive. The ship conveying them arrived in Auckland last Sunday, so it's just a matter of customs clearance and transport down to Timaru - which could be days or weeks, with no indication from the shipping company although they did furnish us with a document instructing us NOT to phone or e-mail their company asking for a date. They are apparently quite busy at present.We had John and Joan Leevers around to tea - I was roasting a chicken and also wanted to make a dent on the 100kg potato donation we received. We had a super evening together over a meal and then further chatting in the lounge - John has plenty of very interesting stories to share!


Buckland said...

Are you serious - 100kg? Even if it was 10kg it would be quite a change from the white gold on St Helena. What a wonderful change for you to be on an island where a lot can be grown. Our potatos were not great this year - but we got a good bag full. Enjoy. :-)

Hazel Beckett said...

I love the expression "white gold". Even the arrival of the RMS did not alleviate the shortage. Enjoy the new experience of plenty potatoes.