Sunday, April 18, 2010

Caleb's 9th

Caleb's birthday today...we started with the pressie-hunt and opening, and then a little later we were off to church. Came home for toasted sarmies for lunch and then the blowing out of candles on the cake-substitute, inspired by Genevieve's traditional American choc-chip biscuit!
We arranged to have a picnic tea at Centennial Park, extending an open invitation to friends to join us there. The weather was beautiful for which we thank the Lord, and to Him we also give thanks for our precious 9-year-old boy!
Thanks Erinmarie and Danica for the cupcakes, and also Grant for that very special 100's and 1000's arrangement...
Went straight from the park to church, and then to town to hire Planet 51 for us to watch together at home. Caleb said it was a great birthday!

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