Saturday, April 24, 2010

Chilly weekend

Friday...finished school early and thought "hooray" - had the whole afternoon free. Unfortunately I didn't have any little projects on the go so the long afternoon would have been very long but for some friendly visitors. Was glad that Bronwyn could pop around for a cuppa - great to catch up after they'd been away on holiday for a week and a bit. Rachel brought her Caleb by in the early evening for a guitar lesson, and a fairy who would probably prefer anonymity called in with homegrown peaches and apples. Nick went out to do some car paperwork and discovered that he needs to visit an optometrist. Consequently his international drivers' license is delayed, but the car is fit to drive.
Saturday...Nick played badminton with Matt during the cold, grey morning while I did church admin. Because we knew we were going out late afternoon we didn't really bother with the fire - so we sprang at Matt's invitation to come around earlier to their warm house! I hadn't made my pudding yet but took all the ingredients and made it there - a pineapple tart with sticky topping from my aunt's collection. Nick and Matt chopped veggies, looking ever so domestic. We met Andrew and Sally, friends from the Bible Chapel, and their three children who all came around to join us for an informal tea.

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