Saturday, April 03, 2010

At the docks

At the docks...ah, a familiar sort of phrase to be throwing around. After a busy day of garage sale shopping where we picked up a coal box and fire tools, bicycles for the boys, spare blankets, clothing and furniture, a hotdog lunch at our place with the Camerons in which Rachel taught me the art of the true Frankfurter Hotdog, and some Warehouse shopping in the afternoon...
...I simply didn't feel like cooking tea. On the island this would have just been tough luck and I would have had to make a plan anyway. Here, I convinced Nick (it didn't take much persuading) that we should pop out for KFC. Yeah!! I won't abuse the take-out-sympathy card too often but it's great to be able to play it when necessary. We took our meal-in-a-bucket to the docks at Caroline Bay, where we spotted some ships which brought a lump to my throat. There are parts of St Helena that I really miss, the ocean life being one of them. Took a walk dockside and found several people out fishing, enjoying the early evening sunshine. We were amazed to see these miniature sharks (Spotties) which were being pulled out in quick succession by some young boys - apparently these are the scavengers and rather ubiquitous. They were readily dehooked and cast back in. They don't have teeth but do come armed with vicious barbs under their fins. Carried on walking down a little strip of land (I wish I knew the proper nautical terms) which ended in a bit of a bird colony - horribly smelly but Nick and the boys had fun scaring the birds off the rocks where they flapped their way into the water and huddled there until their peace was established after our departure.

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Genevieve said...

Is the strip of land called a jetty?