Monday, April 05, 2010

Fairlie great

Nick officially took a day off today (that's rare for him, especially on a Monday as he likes to launch into his week with a bang) and we joined the Phillips' and Leevers' for the Fairlie Show; "held every Easter Monday in Fairlie the Mackenzie Highland Show is the largest one day Agricultural and Pastoral Show in Australasia" (and Fairlie really is as pretty as it sounds). It was so interesting to walk around and view the various animals on display for judging and the stalls selling clothing, food (nibblies, preserves, take-outs etc), tractors, carpets, crafts and so on. Caleb and Aaron both bought pocket knives which they were really excited about. Caleb wanted to help Jayden open his newly acquired tool too, so got out his knife and sliced through the packaging and Jayden's finger, necessitating a visit to the Fairlie Hospital for 6 stitches. Poor Jayden was so brave and there were no hard feelings from either him or his parents (oooh, don't we feel so bad when our kids hurt other kids, even accidentally!). Other than that and the bitter cold it was a really great day.
Above: Nick signing the huge soccer ball which will be shipped to SA for the World Cup - watch out for it!
Just look at the size of that thing - I've never seen such a large bull! And the llamas (below) were just darling.

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Genevieve said...

You have mentioned being cold several times - I am praying that your winter clothing arrives soon!

Quite an eventful day you had, with bagpipes (I LOVE bagpipes) even. So sorry to hear about the stitches but children heal quickly and I am sure Jayden will be good as new in no time.

The shot of the carousel is great!