Saturday, May 01, 2010

Soccer, boots

Attended Caleb Cameron's soccer game at the SBS Events Stadium this morning, which was a draw. Very Exciting watching them all run around after the ball. Sorry that I missed the netball that was going on at other bits of the stadium where some of 'our girls' were playing. Brought Caleb and Josh home with us, where the four boys with Nick's help made a skateboard/bicycle ramp and got VERY dirty - awesome fun for them though. We took them back to Matt and Rachel in the afternoon, and I dragged Rachel out with me as I needed a girlfriend to help with shoe shopping - bought some sturdy boots for winter. I don't do cold very well and we can see already, in autumn, that our St Helena sub-tropical wardrobe is simply not going to be sufficient! We have never lived in a country that gets truly cold winters, so have been purchasing clothing made from Merino (100% wool, an NZ speciality) and polypropylene thermals which are known to be heat-trapping and quick drying. Have also had to invest in a few coats and woollen socks. Quickly learning about all things warm!

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