Sunday, May 30, 2010

Still during (sigh)

Another really cold day today although we had a tiny bit of sun - just for long enough to remember that it's still shining above the clouds. Nick preached on Pentecost Today? and miracles. It was very good and informative. We spent the afternoon at home in the lounge where the fire was blazing. It was too cold to be anywhere else. The boys had fun with their typing tutor and Nick did prep. I read. Here's another kitchen photo from a different angle - I realize the front-on position might make it look not really that bad, but it is. There are units in there now waiting for proper placement, and we are using the laundry for washing dishes and microwaving food etc. All the inconvenience makes the finished product that much more appreciated! Nick presented a 'paper' on Sending and Supporting Homegrown Missionaries in the afternoon service, which he will be presenting at the FRBCNZ Fraternal in July to the Reformed Baptist Pastors to encourage partnership and development of missions amongst reformed Baptists in New Zealand.

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