Saturday, May 29, 2010


We are officially kitchenless. We have to use the laundry to make coffee, meals, wash dishes, prepare meals...fortunately it will be a short-lived inconvenience. The whole kitchen was stripped of units in about an hour by the men (Matt brought some friends from his church who seemed to know how to pull kitchens apart) and Rachel and I finished building the flat-pack units. We could start a business renovating houses and designing and building kitchens! It's been fun. Some of the units have been moved back into the kitchen in the meantime so the diningroom is still fairly usable. The afternoon was quiet and cold...since we were going out to tea we didn't get a fire going until we were desperate at about 3 pm, but by the time the lounge had started warming up we were about ready to go. We met a lovely family who live near the Camerons who were there for tea as well (our landlords must feel sorry for us after ripping out our kitchen as they fed us) - four girls in the family who are all homeschooled. They live on a farm and I got to display my ignorance in a huge way over the finer points of bales and cakes of hay and silage. At least I knew what hay was made of.

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