Friday, May 07, 2010

Bikes, boxes-to-be and blooms

So, we find ourselves at the end of another school week. It's been a really quiet week with little happening that I would care to blog about - housework or just generally being at home. This afternoon when Nick suggested doing something we were all keen to get out, and a walk to Tweedy Park sounded good - it's just down the road, about 10 minutes away. The boys rode their bikes and Nick had a skateboard tucked under his arm. While the sun shone it was gloriously hot. Later on we had a phonecall from NZ Van Lines who are handling the relocation of our boxes, to say that they will be delivered on Monday afternoon - we are super excited! Nick attended 'youth group' at the church in the evening. It happens once a month at our church although this is the first one of the year - I guess it has slid a bit. There were about 20 kids from various churches, he said. I stayed home with the boys as it's not for their age group.

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Hazel Beckett said...

What a lovely photo of lavender!