Tuesday, May 04, 2010


We did a brief study on Stonehenge in history this morning, and the curriculum suggested that we try to construct a perfect and large circle outdoors - I gave the boys a hint to do it with a long stick and leaves, but had to pretty much show them how to do it as I could see they were not going to stick around and figure it out. They put it all together very neatly and with much patience, and afterward Aaron coined the name "Leafhenge". The boys' new passports arrived by courier during the morning...I was impressed at the short turn-around time of just over two weeks since I posted the applications off. Good on you, Kiwi-land! I cut the boys' hair in the afternoon using scissors instead of shears for a change. I suspect you would still kindly suggest that they need a haircut, Mom! Tradition dictates that following a haircut there is a reward, so I took the boys to the $2 shop again, this time with permission to each choose an item. They bought dragons which broke during assembly. Tea, for a treat, was KFC which we had hoped to take away to some sunny spot, but it was too chilly to want to be outdoors.
Yesterday, Monday, was an athomeandcleaning sort of day, and on Sunday we had church lunch between services - a good opportunity for us all to mix and chat.

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