Thursday, May 27, 2010

Getting a feel for the weather

On Monday Rachel and I were back in the painting business - best to get it done while we're still motivated and keen. We did the main bedroom although the paint took ages to dry but we got the mandatory two coats on. Tuesday and Wednesday have somewhat blurred together in my mind...unpacking boxes, doing school, organizing cupboards, hanging pictures and RAIN!! There have been flood warnings all over NZ but so far I don't think it's been overly bad, although the farmers are struggling with the mud and animals and feeds. There was a bit of sunshine today at last which lifted spirits...didn't help with the cold though as it's been bitter today. I understand the expression "biting cold" much better now. The house stays warm enough if we keep a fire going so we're not suffering. I wasn't going to take myself outside for a shot of these mushrooms which have sprung up next to the puddles in the front lawn, so you'll have to be content with this view from the lounge window. I was at the Waimataitai School for my bible lesson bright and early and continue to present the gospel through the Old Testament stories as and when I can. This afternoon I did the fortnightly grocery shopping which I always enjoy particularly when there are 'one day only' specials on meat and poultry such as today. (And how about this: this time last year I also went grocery shopping at the Longwood Store where I almost got everything on my list.) Made a huge mince dish for tea as the Camerons came around for cupboard building. They've bought kit sets from the hardware store so most of it can be assembled in advance before the kitchen section of the hardware place comes on Monday to properly fit it and join it all together. It's enormously exciting to see it coming together! Nick finished scraping the kitchen floor this evening; next step is to sand and then varnish.

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Hazel Beckett said...

While you are shivering with the cold, I was sweating today... mid winter in Jamestown on St Helena seems to mean that you just sweat a little less.