Thursday, May 20, 2010

Rachel: rapid rollerer

Rachel and I have been hard at work the last two days with painting. We have now replaced the 'new carpet' smell with eau-de-paint. It's also not a bad smell but I preferred the rubbery cleanness of the carpet. We have whipped through parts of the house, going from start to finish in the guest room (my craft room), the main passageway, Nick's office and the minor hallway. Tomorrow we start the lounge, which will need an undercoat to hide the bright coral wallpaper. Caleb and Aaron have been enjoying this week of renovations at home as they get a bit sidelined. Still getting through sufficient schoolwork though, but they do have extra time for play. Josh was here yesterday doing his work in the lounge - what a merry homeschool co-op! This morning was my usual Bible-in-Schools morning, which I am doing every Thursday at the Waimataitai School. I am so enjoying the class, and more and more aware of just how much they need the exposure to the Word of God which is powerful and effective through the work of the Holy Spirit. This morning I took them through the Ten Commandments - we take for granted our working bible knowledge; these kids had never even heard OF this particular set of rules.

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Raymond said...

What a great opportunity to get the kids to collide with Christ! Don't forget to tell them that the 10 set of rules are TOTALLY useless unless they drive them to Grace or flow from Grace