Sunday, May 23, 2010


Today we luncheoned at Rene and Bronwyn's place. Hannah was doing the 40-hour famine and not only was she not eating (only barley sugar sweets, chewing gum and juice permitted), but also undertook a fast from talking. While the rest of us ate a yummy lunch of corned beef, roast veggies and mustard sauce, followed by rice pudding, plums and ice-cream and engaged in hilarious conversation, Hannah excused herself as it was too painful to watch. After lunch we were initiated into the game of Dutch Blitz...a fast free-for-all sort of game which gets the blood pumping and the competitive-minded among us super hyped. Had to concede that SaN (Sam and Nick) was the best team while Bron and I (Lynwyn?) certainly outdid ReJ. Spent the rest of the afternoon with them enjoying and playing music until it was time for church. Thanks again for a lovely time, chaps! The Camerons called in after church for grilled sandwiches and for Matt to see the progress on the house. After tea, Matt made scones and Rachel folded my washing. No really, our house IS your house, guys.Did I mention previously that during a break in painting last week Rachel and I decided to rip up the lino in the kitchen to see what lay underneath? So this is the result - a beautiful floor somewhat marred by the swirls of old glue. Nick has undertaken the huge job of scraping and sanding the wood, which will later get varnished. The kitchen has a week left of its life before the new one goes in on the 31st.

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kyle said...

It is funny that you are playing "Dutch Blitz"!!!
It is a game from Eastern Pennsylvania where we live.
I played it as a kid at my grandmothers. Though, I cannot recall how it is played anymore.