Saturday, May 08, 2010

TCS preparing for move

We helped Grant this morning quickly with taking their brand new faulty washing machine back to Harvey Norman who exchanged it for a brand new working model. Getting the machine there and back was heaps of fun as Nick simply put it on the borrowed trailer with no strings attached except a short piece of cord which slackened during the drive. Grant was having palpitations which didn't help my nerves either so it was with great relief all around when the shrink-wrapped model was safely home.The Timaru Christian School has recently purchased the Watlington Intermediate School which has been vacant for some six preparation for their pending move they hosted a clean-up day and invited as many parties as were interested to trim hedges, dismantle classrooms, scrub toilets, wash windows and the like. I tucked into some nail removal from boards with Nick, working as a team for a while. When that job finished I was thrilled to take on the next designated task of photographing the event. It's no secret that I would rather have a camera around my neck than a toilet brush in my hands!Above: "THE MEN"...below - lunch break!

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