Friday, April 27, 2012

Into the hockey season

Drum roll....Caleb and Aaron had their first hockey games of the season.  Whoop whoop!  After only two or three practice evenings they were cast into the fray, versing other schools.  They are both on the "St Joseph's" school team as TCS didn't have their own hockey team, so they will be playing in blue shirts for the duration of the season.  It was pretty exciting, really!  The boys were both nervous but apparently this was a team-wide emotion - the competition is no joke and no one seems to be in it just for fun.  The boys are playing in different age groups and as such play separate games at different times on different turfs.  That meant a lot of to-ing and fro-ing between the games to see how both teams were going.  Caleb's team lost 8-1; Caleb was playing back for the first half then got moved to wing position.  Aaron was center back and center forward so had a fair bit of time with the ball.  His team won 2-1.  Well done to both boys who played with much heart and effort.  You did us proud!
Pre-game muster - final instructions from the coach.  The boys were impressed with the goalie's extensive gear and are hoping that they get a turn too.
Hmm, lots of time staring down the field waiting for the action to move his way...until at last it finally does.  One of our gals from church was playing on the opposing team - I asked Caleb if he said hello; he said, "nah, I just tackled her". 
Aaron - jumping over the ball, towards it, or just for joy?
Those mouth guards - eish - don't make for the best faces.
Get it!!
We hustled the boys out of there as fast as we could so we could still make it to the optometrist to collect Aaron's glasses (pics to follow) and carry on with our Friday Family Fun as usual - pizza and Tintin in the warm lounge!

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