Wednesday, April 18, 2012


Happy birthday 11-year-old Caleb!  Technically he wasn't born until 1.08 am on Thursday morning NZ time, but we thought we'd be kind and not bother about time zones.  We kicked off the day with the traditional present hunt; the main part of his present had not yet arrived in the mail so I printed out the order confirmation and tucked it into an empty cereal box (we didn't actually give him fruitful muesli as a present); socks were his idea and the Lego was an added bonus!  He stood up to make a speech after opening his gifts but hasn't yet mastered the art of verbose eloquence - or perhaps he is gifted in simple speech..."thank you" was all he said.  After the morning at holiday club we brought Ben and Josiah back home with us, stopping off for pizza on the way.  This was not a party year for him but having two friends over as a holiday activity was permissible.  They spent a good afternoon together.  Toasties for tea and bible study concluded a very good day.
(This cute canary is not ours - we are bird-sitting the school pet over the holidays.)

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Genevieve said...

Happy Birthday from all the Williamsons Caleb!