Saturday, April 07, 2012

With the Heaths

After a hum-drum morning of washing, cleaning and gardening we were thrilled to accept an offer to a round of golf at Royal Anfield...cleverly set up in Tom and Mariette's garden with pool noodles and outdoor carpets and some very fine lawn.  Rene and Jesse had already started a round with Tom by the time we arrived and the Clevelys were no match for these experienced golfers, but at least one of us saved our clan's honour and got their name on the leaderboard ;)  Stayed on afterward for home-made pizzas which was a totally social event as we assembled the pizzas together, then cooked them one at a time in their pizza maker - so it was a slice every ten minutes for the next hour.   
Tom refuses to use his dishwasher so he and Nick washed and dried - we laughed to see the instruction manuals still in their plastic in the pristine interior of what may as well be a cupboard!

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'Mee said... - this should make him smile and use his dishwasher more