Sunday, April 22, 2012

To Nimrod and back

Violining Victoria is back in Timaru, filling in a maternity contract at the hospital.  She might only be with us for a few months, but it's excellent to have her as long as possible anyway!  We invited her around for Sunday lunch but during the chatting afterwards we got invited to Mt Nimrod for a 'braai', so readjusted our plans and Victoria came along too, joining with the de Beers and Kempfs.  Mt Nimrod is a nature reserve, but was a bit further than we anticipated - by the time we got there it was just about time to turn back!  Good thing Nick had thought ahead and took his afternoon sermon with him to read over instead of us having to rush back.  Spent a relaxed afternoon playing music and barbequing; Aaron stood in the river and got his shoes soaked and muddy.  Still had a bit of a panic in the end to get to church on time but we made it just on time.  Nothing like foregoing a music practice to utterly shatter confidence when it comes to playing in church either :)

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