Monday, April 16, 2012

My nerd herd

Had a splendid day of sunshine and blue skies and warmth - yes, we can still wear t-shirts in NZ in April!  Aaron had an optometrist appointment in town, so off the three of us went on a mission.  He is now officially a Salzwedel offspring with confirmed short-sightedness, but his prescription is still very weak.  Caleb started wearing glasses just after he turned six, so Aaron's eyes definitely are not as bad as his brother's or as mine were.  We've chosen a sturdy pair of frames and Aaron is excited about looking like a nerdy intellectual (his words) in the near future! 
Had Jemima over to play in the evening - in less than an hour we played through an entire book of duets - simple pieces but so pretty with two violins.

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Genevieve said...

A nerdy intellectual? Oh Ema will love him all the more!