Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Cold day, hot air

The boys are at a holiday club at Church Street Chapel this week, so I have two hours free every morning to use at the school, unravelling the mysteries which occur over holidays - 80+ e-mails and a whopping pile of post, for starters!  The day was grey and cold; Nick got a fire going at lunch time (some change from yesterday's short sleeves and open windows) so naturally the boys and I spent the afternoon in the lounge.  They don't seem much bothered by the violin - only when I start talking about relative minors and sharpened sevenths do they tell me to please shush :)  Watched a couple of Bean episodes late afternoon and consequently tea ran slightly late.  Chips, drumsticks and baked beans - which got the boys thinking of some wind-related stories.  Poor Aaron currently has the top bunk and with hot air rising...well...Aaron asked Caleb to come up to his bunk to experience what Caleb had created...Caleb said he got halfway and nearly passed out! 

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