Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Hi ho, hi ho, it's off to Hawarden we go!

I'm not really a fan of split-family holidays, but the boys and I have several days off school while Nick is still hard at work.  Instead of being bound to the house, we decided to take a short trip up to Hawarden to visit the Bucklands for two nights - also because I wanted to do a book swap, deliver some second-hand clothing, and return the negative scanner.  All seemed like a good excuse to hit the road!  We left mid-morning, ate on the road, and arrived early afternoon.  It was excellent to spend time with Brendon and Belinda, Rachel, Ruth and Hannah again, and to meet Hezekiah.  The kids took only a short while to reconnect before they were playing really well.  Rachel took the boys to see the horse that she regularly rides, graciously taking them for a ride as well.  Caleb stayed on help muck out while Aaron came back and got stuck playing Barbies with the younger two - fortunately Belinda figured out that Lego would be more to his liking and had a huge tub available!  On Tuesday we took a walk down the road to the shop and had a peek at a museum which was closed, had horse rides again with Caleb actually riding on his own this time, more Lego, plenty of violin duets, trios and quartets, much chatting, time in Rose Cottage and just a jolly good time all round.  Thanks so much to the Bucklands for our relaxed mini-break!

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