Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Bucklands to the Roodts

The boys and I were packed and ready early on Wednesday morning to leave the Bucklands.  We got off around 8.50 headed for Christchurch as we had a few stops to make - first was to a camera shop to see if they would like my D80 which is now for sale as Nick is giving up his D200.  A few wrong turns got us there eventually; it was a failed mission though as they were completely disinterested in a straight trade.  Alas.  Back in the car for the next stop which was a violin shop.  It had been raining all morning and all the car windows were severely fogged up; I had Caleb navigating on my phone which kept losing track of us, and then there were endless roadworks and detours all over Christchurch, added to the one-ways and heavy traffic and our slightly balding tires, all of which made me very nervous!  After half an hour of driving we gave up entirely and headed to our third stop - Hallensteins, to see what marvellous bargains we could acquire for Nick and the boys (the one in the Hornby Dressmart has the best sales ever!) - came away with a lambswool jersey for Nick, jeans for Caleb and a jersey for Aaron.  Eventually, back on the home stretch for the two hours to Timaru.  So glad to eventually arrive home safely. 

Time for a quick cup of coffee, a bit of supply shopping, some final tidying up, macaroni cheese made and ready to go in the oven before our houseguests arrived around 4 pm: The Roodts!!  We know Rich and Bernie and the boys from our days at Constantia Park Baptist in Pretoria, SA - so we would have met when Aaron was just a few months old.  They emigrated to NZ around the time we left for St Helena, and we last saw them shortly after we landed in NZ when they came down to Timaru for Nick's induction.  What a blessing to meet up with them again!  Bernie's mom is over from SA for a holiday so they are doing some SI travelling and visiting. Great to see the boys again too, who are now young men and still as twinly in looks as ever.  We gathered around the dinner table early, then dragged Bernie and Stu off to the Bothas with us for bible study.  They were pretty much dead on their feet by the end of it all after a very early morning and busy day - no rest for the weary!

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