Friday, April 13, 2012

People, people, people

Said our goodbyes to the Roodts mid morning - until we meet again!  Most excellent to see them all, and hopefully we won't have to wait another two years before connecting up again.
The boys had a school friend come over to play shortly after their departure, enjoying time in the garage with scissors, tape and boxes...amongst other activities such as hockey and Lego.  Had a chat over hot chocolate with Adam's mum when she came to collect him - good to get to know Nicole a bit better. 
Nick was home early afternoon, so I could do the grocery shopping on my own.  I bought a 'menu planner' app a few weeks ago and it's taken a long time to get it set up with ingredients, pantry items and recipes etc, but it was such fun to plan two weeks of meals and then have the app figure out which groceries I need!  Getting myself properly organised in the kitchen means I can try out new recipes instead of the usual 7 or 8 things I stick with - also means we don't have to resort to takeaways as a last-minute plan :)  With the freshly stocked pantry it was still a pizza night though; we took a family trip to the Warehouse (where everyone gets...), spending the rest of the fortnight's grocery money on furniture items and vitamins; headed to the DVD shop for our family Friday fun and then stopped at Dominoes where our pizzas were just ready (again, yay for iPhone apps!).  We had a good chuckle at how convenient our life is, especially when Nick pulled up right outside the door of the pizza shop...actually our lifestyle is way too comfortable and we have to guard against too much ease - remembering the Puritans who, when given a piece of bread, would remark, "All this, AND Christ?"

Graham and Liz called in just after our family movie finished (actually quite well timed!) with their fish and chips, as we haven't seen them in a while what with goings away and holidays and all.  Graham found an interesting part in his fish - we weren't even sure whether it was a fish part or some entirely different species which the fish had stomached, but whatever the case, mine was turned! 

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