Thursday, April 12, 2012

Wir haben kein Deutsch?

We sent the Roodts off in the direction of Tekapo this morning, armed with sandwiches and some vague directions. They had a great day out and apparently had absolute calm at the observatory - no snot getting knocked out of them :) They were home mid-afternoon; I didn't even let them have a cup of tea before herding them out to our regular spot at Dashing Rocks. It always makes a pleasant walk and I thought it best to go while the weather held. I handed my camera over to Stu with a crash course on aperture and shutter speed - in return I got to use his compact digital but didn't keep any of the photos.
Home again in plenty of time to finish preparing the pea and ham soup which had been going in the slow cooker all day in preparation for a large evening gathering in which the Phillipses joined us around the table for some good conversation and as usual, much laughter.  I hadn't known that Bernie is quite as lively as she is, and when we ended up sitting next to each other during an ad-hoc game of charades we dissolved into German conversation, voices, giggles and utter ridiculousness.  What fun!
Chinese whispers - what started as "I am the Vine" transformed into "Lynn is divine" - ha ha...of course we know that only God is divine! (and we are da branches)
Nick and I watched a short silent Maori movie with Petru and Stu in the lounge, leaving other company behind on their own - bad idea, as the diningroom had been rearranged when we returned after the 8-minute clip!
Great fun guys, thanks for the laughs!!

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