Friday, April 20, 2012

(Forthcoming) Attractions

Last day of holiday club invariably means dress-up...the theme this time was 'circus'.  I had taken the boys to the $2 shop yesterday afternoon to pick out supplies, so this is what they wore - self-styled capes from scraps of material in the garage, glittery hats and golden masks.  I applied my own eye-liner very delicately to both boys but they were unimpressed with the result, claiming they looked like girls - off they went to the bathroom to apply their own messy macho face paint.  Much better result though under the masks!
I had an afternoon meeting with Nyree to discuss the planning of an exciting event...ladies of Timaru, watch this space!!  The boys tagged along and found Dominoes to play with and Rachael to entertain with their witty chatter.

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