Sunday, April 08, 2012

Blessed Easter Sunday

Christ is risen - He is risen indeed!! This was Nick's greeting to the congregation today as he stood up to lead the service. He preached a powerful sermon today on Romans 3:25-26, "The Propitiation".   I would highly recommend taking the time (and bandwidth) to listen to it from the MRBC website (link to the right or click here) - Andreas has it up already. It was a blessing indeed to be reminded of these sacred and precious doctrines of Christ, the Offerer and the Offering.

After church we were treated to a marvellous lunch and afternoon at the Moore's farm - lamb, yorkshire puddings, tots (fried mashed potatoes), roast veggies and gravy and a good ol' South African sticky pudding - this from kiwis!   So here they are while Nyree was putting the finished touches on lunch, watching a YouTube sheep clip.  Nick did his hedgehog and chicken story after lunch...what a gag!
Had a friend join us in church today who has been in Christchurch for the last few months.  He plays the violin splendidly and so we coerced him into playing in church in the afternoon service.  I joined in too so there was Grant on one side, Justus on the other with me in the middle - really felt like I was playing with the big boys!  We stayed on after the service to play through some familiar hymns, to the delight of those who stayed to listen :)

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