Tuesday, May 01, 2012

Friends, new and old

Have been enjoying some very people-filled days of late...on Saturday night we had the de Beers around to tea (well part of them anyway; the older two girl were at youth group but we had the pleasure of Matt, Adele and Gene) along with a new friend Kerry who works with Matt.
Kerry is an ex-South African as well, so out came Trevor Noah to entertain us once again. We had our first introduction to "Ken Lee" - well - that is something to behold!
On Sunday we had a ton of food left over from Saturday night so had two extra guests around the lunch table - Peter is another new friend who has been coming to church after Nick picked him up hitchhiking to Christchurch! And John W had no other plans so was happy to join.
Monday night Nick raised his eyebrows at my food selection for tea - I thought ham and corn on the cob would work together but it seemed not. Caleb was off school on Monday with some sort of bug so didn't have much to eat either way.
Tonight (Tuesday) we had Kerry around again - so good to get to know this lively gal better!  I laboured over cannelloni - the hour of preparation is well worth it.  Most of the time is taken in stuffing the tubes.  Perhaps there is an easier way to get the spinach and ricotta mix into them?  I started timing the process and a minimum of 45 seconds per tube multiplied by 20-25 tubes...it does become an exercise in patience.  

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