Thursday, May 03, 2012


Danielle leaves us on Saturday for three months in SA to spend time with her family, particularly her sister who was in hospital recently and is recovering slowly. It's going to be a sad few months without D around, who we love and treasure! But, her imminent departure was a good excuse for a farewell which took shape rapidly under the guidance and suggestions of some eager teenagers...we had a pancake gathering...
Andreas in the kitchen - we calculated that he produced somewhere between 80 and 100 pancakes.
Altyd tyd vir 'n drukkie...
...while some serious discussion was happening in the kitchen surrounding the making of sushi-style pancakes.
Mmmm...savoury mince filled, topped with cheese sauce and cheese - I could only manage one of these babies!
We ended the evening with music and singing - with an enthusiastic small choir, a piano, violin and guitar and enough songbooks to go around, it was rousing.

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