Friday, May 18, 2012

Avoiding the Great Outdoors

Another week just whooshed practice Monday, music lessons Wednesday.  I met up with Aaron's recorder teacher for lunch on Thursday - so interesting getting to know Lesley better.  She taught Aaron ukulele last year and we've only really figured out now that we both love music - I took my violin so we pulled out some pieces which Lesley played on her flute firstly, and then on her gorgeous low Irish whistle.

Following a Board meeting at school last night, the new teacher for Room 4 (that's Aaron's class) filling in for Mrs Nareki while she's on maternity leave, is Ellie Ross - Ellie lives about nine houses down from us on the same street, so we know she's okay :)  She's no stranger to the school, having been a regular reliever for several months already.  We asked Aaron which teacher he likes better, and he honestly couldn't decide - credit to both ladies!
Hockey games on Friday, but I was rejoicing that the boys' games were both earlyish - Aaron's was at 3.45 and Caleb's was at 5, which meant we could still do our Friday pizza and movie.  Aaron's team lost this game with quite a beating, but it was so great to watch Aaron play and really focus on the game.  Despite the sunshine, it was soooooo cold, and got worse when the sun set during Caleb's game.  It's the exposed bits that worry me - I was concerned that the juices in my eyes, which were flowing freely with the biting wind, would freeze over.  I gave up trying to be the turf-side supportive mother and watched from the relative warmth of the car.  Caleb was goalie in his game which was super exciting for him - the gear is cumbersome and difficult to walk in for a first-timer - more experienced goalies can run in their bulky outfits.  St Joseph's lost 4-2 but to a very good team - my heart beat fast any time the ball came near our goal and Caleb had to do his thing.  I had suggested to a new friend, Royce, who has started coming to services, that a good time to chat would be during the hockey as it's a lull in Nick's work and a bit of a dead time if one isn't fully engaged in watching the sport - so Royce and Nick stood chatting in the cold.  We invited him back with us for pizza and our family movie which was Hugo this week - highly recommended!!  It's a beautifully crafted, clean film. 

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