Saturday, May 26, 2012

Roving Classroom

Today has been a long time coming (does that make sense, grammatically?)  I mean, we've been preparing for today for a loooong time - Nick mostly of course, being the main body involved in the event, but as a family we've been praying about, discussing, sacrificing time for, and wrapping head space around the Roving Classroom 2012 - these lectures happen four times a year at various locations in NZ, and today was Nick's turn to lecture.  He was lecturing Exegetical Theology and did a short examination of the Exegetical Basis for the Gospel in the First Five Chapters of Romans (I had to get him to dictate that bit for me to type here as I couldn't remember the huge title).  The day was a great success with a good turnout and plenty of food provided by our church folk - Nick was annoyed that he had too much content and couldn't finish, but he was satisfied overall. 
The boys and I spent the large part of the day to-and-froing between home and the church to serve teas and lunches and wash dishes, but I also managed to sneak off to the Warehouse (where everyone...) and procured fluffy pyjamas for the boys and a gown for Caleb (Aaron got the hand-me-down).  Caleb said I may hug him - I told Aaron to grab the camera for the Kodak Moment :)

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