Friday, May 04, 2012

Friday Family Fun interrrupted

Caleb and Aaron, along with the entire school except the office administrator and the cleaner, joined their counterparts at Ashburton Christian School today for a day of fun and fellowship. They left on a double decker bus shortly after 9 am and were back just before 3. Sounds like it was a great outing for them and no doubt Mrs Rentoul will pop some photos on Facebook soon enough! I enjoyed the solitary morning at the school with few interruptions and a lot of work to do.

Tonight, following a mad dash to town for the correct hockey hosiery (at $16 per pair they will NOT be wearing these socks anywhere other than hockey!) the boys played their second game of the season. I'm still pretty clueless about the whole sport but I'm told that these were grading games, so the teams were not necessarily well matched. Caleb's game was at 6 pm (it's fully dark by then) and he played the first half as a back again. His team seemed to be a lot stronger, so consequently Caleb spent most of the first half twiddling his stick around an empty play area, along with a super-bored goalie. They won their game 8-1. Aaron's game followed at 6.45 (it's fully cold by then too, and only got colder as the hour dragged on). The younger kids are a lot less aggressive although have a lot of heart and enthusiasm, so a lot of time is spent running around avoiding the ball. Aaron's team drew 1-1. We were happy to be home with a fire going by 8 pm...and it's not even technically winter yet! Hopefully not too many of their games will be at night, but I'm told that hockey is an all-weather sport - they play in the rain if need be. I think I might be busy on those days ;)

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Helen Williams said...

Lyn on cold wet nights, I park the car at the end of the turf and watch from the comfort of the warm car. But if you do that do remember to stitch of your lights, easy to forget under those flood lights.
Darian has played hockey in snow.