Saturday, May 12, 2012


(To borrow a lyric from Robin Hood)...we've had a pretty run-o'-the-mill sort of week - school, work, hockey, music and so on, with a lot of rain and gloomy weather in between.  Once or twice lately I've been told, "that was a very Lynn sunrise" - say what??  I'm up way before the sun but at the moment it's rising round about when I'm in the shower.  Had a good look outside one morning though and it was spectacular.  More of a God-sunrise I'd think, but I knew what they meant :)  Nick came out to look and volunteered to be my model.

Both boys had night-time hockey again this week, and although I'm certain the weather was colder, with a bit of light drizzle even, we didn't feel it as much - long johns, woolly tights, several clothing layers, gloves, a blanket, and travel coffees made it feel more like an adventure than a punishment.  The boys' teams both won their games, upwards and onwards!  We thought Caleb had played particularly well, having been placed in a position where he had a lot of access to the ball; when they came off his coach said he had played a "blinder of a game" - apparently that confirmed our thoughts.  He really is doing well!  Aaron is also improving and definitely had his stick down a lot more and certainly engaged in the game.

On Saturday the sun came out again, what bliss.  Aaron got invited to fill in a missing position on a soccer team with Matt and Josh Cameron, so off he went leaving Caleb to amuse himself with Lego.  Aaron came back full of smiles, apparently preferring soccer to hockey now.  We took ourselves out for Simon's pies (these are excellent - I can highly recommend his bakery in Washdyke!) and petrol, then were home again for the afternoon.  Because of the hockey last night we did our pizza and movie tonight.  I do love settling in for the evening with the family in the warmth and comfort of the lounge!
Oo-de-lally, Oo-de-lally, golly, what a day.

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