Sunday, May 20, 2012

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Another powerful message from Nick on Romans in the morning service; a good amount of fellowship and chatting afterward.  We arrived home from church around 12.45, then I still had to faff about with folding dry washing so I could hang up a new load before making lunch...consequently when the Camerons popped by for a quick hello I still hadn't started cooking, which turned out to be a fortuitous turn of timing - a quick doubling of the recipe meant they could join us for lunch of peanut-butter pasta and chips.  We keep meaning to catch up with the Camerons and it gets embarrassing when the weeks go by and you're still meaning to make a plan without actually doing it!  Glad we could finally do it.
Nick ran through his 10 Commandments memory aids in the evening study - anyone from CPBC reading this who still remembers the commandments in order?  They have been a great aid over the years.  The musicians stayed behind after the evening service for a play through some new songs.  We've been trying to do this on a monthly basis but this was the first time that most of the musicians could make it - our band of piano, guitar, violin, trombone and bass guitar, along with two bonus vocalists, made a joyful noise indeed!!  We can still add to our number a flute, a few more violins and a couple of guitars - as soon as we pry some hidden talent out of the woodwork :)
Liz and Graham were good and ready for their Sunday night fish-and-chips after practice, which they ate around our diningroom table.  Once again we were amused by the bonus bits incorporated into the fish - scales this time? 

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