Monday, January 30, 2012

A whole spectrum of goodness

Last day of our school holidays...I had to go to the office though and nearly fainted at the piles of work sitting on my desk - it didn't look like that when last I was there early January!  Nick was out at the church office and the boys were happy to be at home with granny and grandpa (actually granny and grandpa were also happy to be at 'home' - after the last two weeks of country-trotting).  We all met up at home for lunch, and then when Nick went back to work the rest of us went grocery shopping - the cupboards were looking decidedly bare (tomato sauce was on the list).  We found an array of interesting veggies - cauliflowers in shades of bright purple and orange, as well as yams, kumaras, courgettes and mini sweet capsicums.  What a spread for roasting!!
Mom and Dad have been most excellent at finding things to do and ways to be of use in our home, apart from the obvious pleasure of their company.  I turn my back for five minutes and the dishes are done - not only washed, but dried and packed away - the washing gets hung outside and brought back in when it's dry; clothes are quietly ironed, and the boys get to have Rummikub companions.  Caught Popsie ironing his jeans - when the camera flash fired he thought he'd tripped the electricity :)

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