Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Dashing about some more

Dad wanted to see the rest of the Dashing Rocks walk today; skies were blue when we woke up this morning but clouded over during the morning while there was fudge-making happening in the kitchen although the weather stayed warm. We walked from home again - you cross over State Highway 1, walk along a short road, cross the railway line, climb over a stile, cross a paddock and dodge manure, climb over another stile and you're at the beach. Then you can explore the yellow cliffs and black rocks - makes an interesting clamber.
Aaron always finds interesting bits of things on the beach to bring home - he claimed this was a snakeskin shell which proved correct when we examined it with a macro lens.
Mom was happy to sit on a comfy bit of flat rock and wait for us to return that way - see the tiny pale blue dot about a third of the way from the left?  There she was.
Popsie was more adventurous although confessed that heights and sheer drops into a foaming ocean are not really his thing!
These parents of mine think I'm giving them a hard time in dragging them hither and yon to shore them NZ's fair shores - we took a different route home which is a bit longer and it was about here that I phoned Nick to tell him where we were; when I told him of the general state of his in-laws, he offered to come and fetch us by car!  We were grateful for the ride.
A well-earned bit of lazing about in the afternoon again...
And the fudge is delicious by the way - proof that there's nothing wrong with NZ butter, sugar, condensed milk or syrup as I was hoping after several batches of flopped mush last year!

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