Friday, January 20, 2012

Auckland to Christchurch and home

Up early again - this was the sunrise from my window!
Said our goodbyes to the Lange-Smiths with the hope that they will be down Timaru way sometime, and got on our way. 
Our intention was to stop at the Westfield Shopping Mall in Manukau City, located near the intersection of the Auckland Southern Motorway and the Southwest Motorway.  Unfortunately we just couldn't quite get there!!  Missed a turning once, then went around a very large block (happened upon a filling station in our lostness which was a good thing as we needed to fill the car anyway before returning it).  Saw the mall but didn't know quite which road to take to get there, and accidentally ended up on the motorway.  Got off there as fast as possible but eventually we all decided to just forget it and go straight to the airport.  It was a huge relief to find the rental return spot and hand over the keys - thank the Lord for His protection while we were driving as we hadn't taken out extra insurance.  We had a pleasant wait in the airport lounge although were all a little concerned about our volume of cabin baggage with the 'souvenirs' we had acquired!  No one stopped us though and we made it onto the airplane for our flight home.  Mom nearly died going up the steps (we had to board at the rear of the plane, across the tarmac) - lugging her 7kg bag up the steps was no joke!
At last, back in Christchurch and reunited with the Clevely men; stopped at KFC Hornby for lunch before the 2-hour drive home in the Hot Car. 
Home at 4.30; did a quick bit of unpacking before popping out to PaknSave to buy supplies for evening tea with Graham and Liz - we had a music practice to fit in so combined it with a meal and had a great time of it!  Mom and Dad quite pleased to sit in on a free 'concert'!

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