Sunday, January 29, 2012

Reflecting on holidays

Very much a day of sleeping in, going to church, meeting new friends, catching up on washing and unpacking and chilling.  It was great that Nick wasn't preaching today so could also rest after the hours and hours of driving.  We had a speaker from the Gideons' International Society who shared a very encouraging and challenging message from and about the bible - very interesting indeed to hear about the origins of the society who now go about distributing bibles in hotels, motels, hospitals and schools et al.  Grant was our preacher in the evening and again, an encouraging word from the Word about our citizenship in heaven.  After church and much chatting, we had the Phillipses around for a long-overdue catch-up after their holiday in SA.  Fabulous to laugh together over hot chips and peanut sauce, mango sauce, plum sauce and BBQ sauce (only the tomato was missing), cake, and Trevor Noah.
Ugh, look at all that clutter on the coffee table - all the boys' back-to-school stationery still needing sorting and labelling!

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