Sunday, January 15, 2012

6, 11, 13

We were glad to go to the house of the Lord today! Nick's message on loving our neighbour as we love ourselves was painful and convicting but oh so wonderful; the blessing comes in knowing that we can never perfectly love but in Jesus we have the high standard that God requires.

Gathered a crowd into our home for lunch - Andreas, Danielle and Betta, and Liz and Graham joined the six of us for a sausage and bean pasta (one-pot non-glamarous cooking suitable for a crowd!). Had a rowdy time around the table. The boys got bored of the conversation and slunk under the table eliciting many surprised oooohs as ankles and knees were squeezed.
As we were in the final stages of lunch, with cups of coffee having just been supplied by my wonderful husband, two more guests appeared at the door - surprise, Mark and Pam Cvitanich!  They have appeared on my blog before as old family friends from my childhood church in Joburg, SA - by 'family friends' the implication is really that they started as my parents' friends.  We were thrilled that they dropped by - we had planned to see them a little later in the month so this was a neat treat.  We sent the four grown-ups into the lounge for some catching up.

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