Saturday, January 07, 2012

Roundups, Rocks and Bargains

Question:  What does one do on a rainy Saturday morning in Timaru?
Answer:  Visit the Warehouse (where everyone...), of course!
It clearly wasn't going to be a day for sightseeing, so once everyone was ready, breakfasted, and sorted, we joined the post-Christmas throngs and browsed around.  I came away with four new soup mugs which turned out to be useful at lunch-time.  Popped in at Briscoes on the way back as they were having a sale (the boys were actually surprised on Wednesday when Briscoes WASN'T having a sale).  Also took the parents to PaknSave as we knew they would particularly be impressed with our self-checkout (this would just not work where they live!).  It would have been another quiet afternoon but for all the laughter, mostly from my dad who was in hysterics at Aaron's big blue eyeball which seemed to want to settle itself on his cheek, such was the proximity of the boys who try hard to sit on Grandpa's eyebrows. 
(where is the rest of Grandpa?)
The sun came out mid-afternoon so we did the customary Dashing Rocks visit which was really lovely.  The weather seemed to be changing again though so we didn't explore the area too thoroughly (also don't want to show off everything Timaru has too quickly - what will there be left to do then?).
After tea we went to the Caroline Bay Carnival for the first time this season (last year we went several times, but this year we just haven't quite had the same pull); watched the concert for a few minutes until the rides opened and Nick could get the boys onto the Octopus and the Roundup. 


Helen Williams said...

That was lot of catching up.
You have been busy.
Enjoy having your parent here.

Genevieve said...

I am wondering if Aaron gets some of his silliness from Grampa (by way of Lynn of course)?!
What a blessing it is that the boys have such an obvious bond with your parents despite your distance!