Thursday, January 05, 2012

They're heeeeeere!

I hardly think anyone would be interested in our blah-blah morning in which we finished tidying the house and getting all the last-minute preparations absolutely ready, made a pot of soup, did the grocery shopping and had a long chat with our friendly courier who dropped off some parcels, so I'll skip ahead to the afternoon in which Something Very Exciting happened.  We left home shortly after lunch in a borrowed van (thanks to the Phillipsies if you're reading this); traffic was a bit tedious at points so the going was slightly slow and we arrived at the airport after my parents' flight had landed.  No matter though, we still stood waiting for a looong time, anxiously watching as every trolley that came through the sliding glass doors didn't have a familiar figure at the other side.  Almost started wondering if something Terrible had happened as it was taking so long, but eventually the boys (who were sitting with a good viewpoint into the forbidden zone) shouted "we see them!"  And then there were hugs, tears, laughter, relief, happiness and much jabbering from all parties.  I would love to bottle and preserve the emotions!  Mom and Dad were both well but tired; Dad stayed awake almost the whole way home from Christchurch but Mom's snooze seemed to give her a second wind which lasted surprisingly long through tea and unpacking.  And so they are here, and we thank the Lord for answered prayers for their safekeeping and health and ability to travel!! 
First steps on NZ soil - concrete and paving didn't count!

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