Friday, January 13, 2012


Another cloudy day today, but with a lot of rain during the day as well although still not cold.  I had a few errands to run; top of the list was to do my rostered turn of cleaning the church which became a 'many hands' affair - with five people working it took less than half an hour!  Took the parents for a drive around the top of Timaru then through the middle.  I don't think they've quite got their bearings yet and would likely get very lost if we let them loose with a car :)  When we were out and about yesterday we stopped in at the fresh fish place at the wharf and I bought a small packet of waihi for the first time - pink filleted flesh which the fish lady told me was good for pies and things.  Mmmm, fishcakes, I thought - haven't had those since St Helena.  Thus I made fishcakes for lunch today (equal weights of raw fish and raw potato - cook and mash the potato, mince/shred the fish and mix together along with seasonings, egg and chopped onion - fry in spoonfuls).  Wow, yum!!  Will definitely try that again.

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