Sunday, January 01, 2012

S(l)ee(p)ing in the New Year

Treated the last day of 2011 as any other day, pottering about at home, doing a spot of church admin and shopping and so on.  Called in at Rachel to wish her a happy birthday, came back home and started a game of Monopoly which Nick won (I was already bankrupt before all the properties had been sold!).  The boys went to bed around 9; we stayed up about another hour and a half before going to bed, getting woken up by what sounded like some impressive fireworks from the Bay at midnight! 

Sunday was a lovely day with sunny skies and church at 10 (only one service today).  Invited ourselves to the Botha's for a BBQ (to really inconvenience one's surprise hosts, one not only invites oneself but also specifies what sort of meal it should be).  Fortunately they had no plans and thought it was a good idea!  Had a really great, lazy afternoon with them; enjoyed getting to know Andreas' mom Betta better.

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Genevieve said...

Happy New Year Clevelys!
We celebrate the New Year at 7pm our time (12 Greenwich Meantime) while listening to Saint FM and call it "Saint Helena 7 o'clock New Year". We have some of our friends hooked on this tradition now as well as it allows everyone to get to sleep at a reasonable hour while still enjoying a countdown.

Very excited for you as you prepare for the arrival of your parents Lynn!