Thursday, January 12, 2012

Cultured coffee

The marshmallows we bought from the Warehouse the other day have been put to good use in cups of tea and coffee - these are the flowers that Nick brings me!
Good old Timaru's weather proved its changeability again today with rain and cloud all day after mostly blue skies yesterday.  I had a list of errands to run which involved PaknSave and the post office, a visit to town (which provided an opportunity for Mom to use her credit card on cups of coffee, frappes and carrot cake at Coffee Culture) and a drive to the school for one or two things.  The folks are very impressed with the school and delighted to see where the boys and I spend many of our waking hours during term time.  A game of monopoly developed during the late afternoon which was interrupted for tea; at the time of writing this blog (three hours later), Grandpa has lost all his money and Nick is helping the boys to speed the game up by developing properties.  Both boys have heaps of money but with all the little green houses currently springing up all over the board, it's not going to be long before some sad little face declares bankruptcy!

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