Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Of Cadburys and Roses

When we woke up to rain this morning we knew it wasn't going to be a day of gallivanting like yesterday!  I had a few hours to put in at the school anyway, so went off to do that leaving Granny and Grandpa in charge (Nick was at the church office the whole day). Caleb displayed his delightful sense of humour in rearranging his grandmother's statement of "we're at your disposal today", to "Grandpa, Granny says we can dispose of you today".  When I got home around lunch time they were deeply involved in a game of Scrabble (although Aaron had lost interest at some point); Caleb won but I understand he had help with a q-word on a triple word score...that put him in the lead - it would have been touch and go otherwise I reckon!  In the afternoon we went shopping - first to the Warehouse (where everyone gets...) where we found marshmallows on special for 79c per packet.  Next stop was Mega Mitre 10, our impressive hardware store, for loppers to properly prune the roses - apparently you need long handles to avoid being thorned to death.  Then onto Briscoes for a kitchen scale for Dad (on special of course), and finally to PaknSave for a few necessities along the lines of Cadbury's chocolate which SA doesn't have, and chips.  Dad neatened up the roses in the courtyard during the afternoon with Caleb and Aaron both helping.  We think Dad needs some exercise...he announced over tea that the pull of gravity is much stronger in NZ because we're at the bottom of the earth.  Fortunately Mom proved that our bathroom scales are inaccurate and tend to exaggerate one's weight somewhat!  In the evening Nick and I took advantage of the free babysitters and went out for a latte after tea - these dates will have to be more frequent :)

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