Wednesday, January 04, 2012

Christmas extends a bit

These last three days have not sped by as I'd hoped, despite a flurry of housework, gardening, and last-minute fixing and sorting.  Yesterday was overcast and not very warm which always feels horrid, and Nick was out splitting wood for a large part of the day so the boys and I were at home (ie housebound).  Today was warm and sunny and good for two loads of washing.  So we now have only one more sleep; tomorrow is the Red Letter Day in which my parents' long 40-hour journey from SA terminates at Christchurch International Airport.  They will be with us for about five weeks (have I mentioned that before?)
This morning we were very surprised to receive a box in the mail from our dear (and only) friends-from-the-States, with some Christmas pressies!  Such a treat - thank you lovely friends!

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