Wednesday, February 01, 2012

Generation V

School 2012 started yesterday in full force. It was great to be back properly with all the kids about - feels like a ghost town when I'm there in the holidays.  Caleb and Aaron slotted right back into it like they'd never been away.  Caleb is in Year 6 this year and has been moved into Room 5 with the seniors (Years 7 and 8) while Aaron is in Year 5 and remains with Mrs Nareki in Room 4.  Had a pretty productive day although at points all I seemed to be doing was shuffling papers from one spot on my desk to another!

Meanwhile, Mumsie and Popsie were off gallivanting - yesterday John and Joan Leevers took them out Geraldine way for a picnic...
...and coffee on the way home...
...and today they were in the Fairlie area for lunch with Les and Marg, having no end of conversations on both occasions.
Thanks to Dad for the photos!

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