Tuesday, February 07, 2012

Scatterlings of Africa

After the very relaxed long-weekend, it was sooooo tough to get up early again and go to work - I confess that as much as I love my job, just for this week I'd rather be at home!  Had a good day though especially as I got to see a bit of Caleb at a cricket practice - the first of the season. 
At lunch time I popped back home to collect Mom and Dad and deliver them to Kurt and Shirley Kempf for lunch (I mean, to share lunch with them).  By all accounts they had a very interesting and enjoyable afternoon, with an excursion around the Kempf farm with its miniature pony, rabbits, and 70 varieties of fruits and vegetables! 
We had a tea engagement with Mark and Pam Cvitanich, along with Mark Jnr, Kath, Tayla and Brad - a fabulous gathering of lovely people over much animated conversation and a beautiful roast. 

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