Saturday, February 04, 2012

Park picnic

I think we were all just a little bit glad that weekend had rolled around, for more or less the same reason. Spent most of the morning at home after just popping out with Nick (leaving the boys with the grandparents) to PaknSave for some weekend supplies. I baked biscotti which has been on my to-do list since before my parents arrived, and then we packed up a picnic of American hotdogs for lunch at Centennial Park.  It wasn't raining or cold - good-weather days have been few and far between lately so we're having to take advantage of them when they come.  
We had some spare bread for feeding the ducks, one magpie, a few LBJs and one or two of these cute things, whatever they are:
Mom got in on the action with some soccer;
and the boys nearly lost their lunch on a spinning tire (thanks to Nick who wound it up and spun it around - we could hear their screams from across the park).
From there we went to the Warehouse (where everyone...), looking for some .....  I found two huge photo albums on a super-ultra-special clearance and Dad found more ways to fill his luggage with two huge Sistema containers for biscuits, despite Mom's insistence that he doesn't need them.  Bargain hunting won over logic (they WERE on special).  Late afternoon I had a music practice which was fun with my violin teacher joining in for the practice, and then we had a quiet evening at home playing Rummikub or reading etc. 

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